56% of CMOs expected budgets to have grown more than 5 to 15% by the end of 2021

The Report “5 Strategic Priorities for CMOs”* suggests strategies for corporate marketing professionals faced with constraints on capacity, capital and capabilities in challenging times.

It finds that optimism among CMOs is out of sync with the expectations of boards of directors and CFOs.

Over half of CMOs expected their budgets to grow more than 5% in 2021, with a quarter expecting increases over 15%.

In stark contrast, Gartner’s research shows that marketing is likely to face significant budget cuts as the health and societal impacts of COVID-19 continue to impact companies’ marketing spend and strategy well into 2021.

At Anaylin we are better placed than most to help bridge that gap between optimistic expectations and harsh economic realities. We can deliver a full range of marketing insights and analytics to hard-pressed CMOs at a lower cost, without sacrificing any of the benefits from bringing sense and value to your data across the board.

As a knowledge-based, integrated ‘Digital and Data Boutique’ we’re passionate about data management, and committed to making a difference to your customers’ experience and to your bottom line.

That’s our core area of expertise, gained at some of the most respected customer brands, marketing agencies and data consultancies both in the UK and internationally.

We audit and benchmark across the whole data landscape: your customer database management systems, data structure and access, external data enhancement, integration of traditional research, analytical tools and methodologies.

And our lean structure and tightly controlled operating overheads mean we can deliver a premium service at an affordable price.

Gartner’s report recommends that marketing professionals and CFOs agree realistic budgetary provisions and build scenarios that anticipate varying levels of cost cutting.

It also advises prioritizing investment in key organizational areas such as digital business.

Our recommendation would be to find time for an exploratory discussion with our Directors to discover how we can make ends meet, satisfying the demands of both the business and the budget.

Wherever you are with your budgets get the best performance from your data, call Neal at Anaylin we know where to look to get the best from your budget neal@anaylin.com


*Gartner’s 2021 Report