Achieving more with your data for less

COVID-19 is the most impactful event in the history of digital marketing. While businesses have been prioritising digital strategies and channels for years, 2020 has completely reshaped how professionals engage with brands, products, and content. Inevitably, budgets are under extreme pressure.

The current economic situation is generating volumes of data, which both B2B and B2C clients are struggling to collect and analyse at speed. Gathering growing amounts of data often leads to misinterpretation and confusion.

Meanwhile, companies faced with shrinking budgets and resources still need to stay totally in control of their data – the lifeblood of the business – to survive and thrive, especially in a crisis.

Concentrate on the relevance of the data, and not the amount. Identify the relevant data and you are automatically dealing with a reduced, concentrated data file which is easier to interpret, less confusing, and super-quick to analyse… ‘Less really can be more’!

Sound familiar?
Experience tells us, people clearly buy the same product for different reasons – but too few companies actually know ‘why’ the individual customer makes that choice. By asking the right questions to pinpoint the exact need that’s being fulfilled, we gather more accurate data to make future customer communications more relevant.

Anaylin is a Digital and Data Base Boutique. Our bespoke services combine cutting edge technology with expertise gained at some of the most respected customer brands, marketing agencies and data consultancies in the UK, and internationally.

Working directly with Anaylin clients, we provide access to the right solutions, combining ‘Real-time intelligence’ with Right-time/Real-time multi-channel delivery and tracking. As a lean, single-layer organisation, our overheads (and therefore our costs to you) are significantly lower than our larger competitors.

So once again, less is more

If you are faced with shrinking budgets and reduced resources, but need to deliver the same quality (or even better) data management and analysis, would it at least be worth us having a conversation?

If I’ve struck a chord, and you’d like to see the full range of what we can offer, contact Neal Rimay-Muranyi.