Brittany Ferries connects the UK and France

Press Release – Brittany Ferries 2019/05/22

Brittany Ferries operates a fleet of ferries and cruise ferries between France and United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain, and between United Kingdom and Spain. It has recently upgraded its customer data platform to integrate for the first time all customer data across its markets into one single customer data platform.

Anaylin completed the merging of the France and UK customer bases to enable Brittany Ferries to recognise and service more coherently customers who reside in both UK and France. Additionally, it will increase the opportunities to share learnings and drive cost-efficiencies.

Alan Wayne, Head of Data Strategy at Brittany Ferries says: “The team at Anaylin remain an integral extension of our team with a flexible and responsive approach whilst sharing their vast communications experience to ensure we make the most of our data, insight and digital investments”.

Nigel Grimes, Director at Anaylin states: “We continue to enjoy and share in Brittany Ferries’ journey and look forward to supporting its aspirations to increase customer understanding in order to drive better customer experience that will in turn improve revenue, yields and margins”.

For further information about Anaylin contact Neal Rimay Muranyi or Nigel Grimes.

About Anaylin

Anaylin is a privately owned business specialising in helping businesses bridge the gaps of digital and non-digital customer experiences. It enables clients to gather data, make sense of it and drive the resulting insight into the business at a strategic and operational level. In addition to data assets, Anaylin provides analytical services, database building and hosting, multi-channel campaign management as well as several specialist consultancy services including CRM capability mapping and how to turn technology investments in to customer value uplifts. It is based in London and Bristol United Kingdom.

Brittany Ferries contact details:

Alan Wayne, Brittany Ferries