Direct Mail Revisited – a ‘New Old’ channel to market

Businesses have long relied upon digital channels (largely due to targeting potential, speed of delivery, trackability and costs). However, this has created its own problems (overloaded inbox and poorly timed retargeting etc.).

All acquisition communication however delivered needs to be built on engaging propositions that are interruptive and relevant.

Clients are still, of course, being challenged to expand the customer base whilst at the same time be less dependent on Social Media as the dominant alternative and that is one of the main reasons direct mail has returned to being a serious component in the media mix.

Targeted direct mail, based upon analysis and insight, creating prospective audiences, which can be segmented for tailored communication can get through the daily media clutter of life, that surrounds the consumer. A blend of consumer characteristics: lifestyle, affluence, demographics and life-stage are used to refine these audience segments.

One of the strengths of direct mail and print, in general, is its ability in this ‘attention-deficit world’ to hold a reader and tell a story that connects to an individual, overcome any potential objections and stimulate a response to engage with the brand via a website, contact centre or retail location.

The combination of the right data at the right time with the right message, using the medium of personalised direct mail will open-up new audiences who were previously lost.

A brand can test, evaluate, interpret the results and gain an understanding of the impact of direct mail and where it fits in the overall marketing strategy and media mix.

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