Managing your Customer Consent Makes Good Business Sense

Increasingly legislation and concerns around personal privacy are prompting customers to think about who they want to hear from and share their personal information with.

Historically, poor and ambiguous legal compliance understanding, poor data processes, disconnected data management and infrastructures have made consent management difficult. This, along with clients not knowing the respective values of consented and non-consented customers and some brands bombarding customers with irrelevant messages via every possible channel has made it even more difficult to manage. Add to this a lack of pertinent KPIs and you can how difficult the challenge is.

We need clients and the industry as a whole to take more responsibility – we must make sure we are meeting customers’ contact preferences and using the data in a relevant and responsible manner. We at Anaylin can certainly play our part both in terms of evaluating the upsides and setting the strategy and infrastructure to encourage and maintain customers’ willingness to engage with brands.

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