Case study – Everest


Case Study

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“We appointed Anaylin to provide a CRM and data management platform along with analytical support to enable us to maximise the return on investment across digital marketing spend and contact centre and field operations. We also needed to underpin the recently launched Rewind Pricing initiative with a more effective and efficient use of our customer and prospect data.

From the initial scoping through to delivery of the systems, they’ve exceeded our expectations, meaning our data-led marketing activities are ahead of schedule and delivering immediate tangible results for the business.

Anaylin has been tasked to work alongside other Everest marketing partners to drive increased efficiencies across acquisition, cross and upsells.

The team at Anaylin combines incredible insight with a flexible and responsive approach. They are a rare mix of great intelligence and practical delivery. They can talk the talk but most importantly walk the walk. Anaylin give us access to great insight together with their practical experience to ensure we make the most of our data, insight and digital opportunities”

Martin Troughton, Marketing Director at Everest