Planning and Execution

Planning and Execution

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Planning and execution

To stand out in today’s busy world of communications, the content you deliver must be targeted, relevant and contextualised as possible. You need to know how and when to contact your customers and how to address their unique situations, preferences and needs.

Our customer data analysis will show you exactly where customers sit in the lifecycle, their buying behaviours, needs and motivations. Armed with this insight you will define clear objectives, identifying which customers to invest in for optimum returns. We will help you to devise contact strategies to deliver your messages and interactions at the right time, via the most appropriate channels using our multi-channel marketing automation solution.

In the case of returning digital channel visitors, we identify the customer’s device and format and display the most relevant message based on previous website visits or other channel interactions. We enhance this with best-next-offer/action modelling and decisioning. Your event/trigger-driven and tactical campaigns will be supported by our segmentation, modelling, real-time behaviour capture and analytics.

We are a licensed partner of Apteco’s customer marketing analysis and multi-channel marketing automation software and Pure360’s digital delivery platform. We help you build requirements, implement and manage multi-channel campaigns, and support any other marketing technology tools you may have in place.