Do Not Sacrifice Relevancy for Real Time Marketing

Are you sacrificing relevancy for real–time marketing and personalisation?

It has become easier to use real-time technology to seemingly target the right person at the right time but so often this is not supported with the right message or right level of relevancy . This is because the ‘right message’ via real-time personalisation is often blunt and lacks impact as it is invariably based on what the visitor has just done in a given channel.

For some brands this is step forward, but in reality, the right message often requires more right-time customer intelligence (capture, analysis and data joining) to better understand the context and reason for the visit and why the visitor abandoned the visit etc. and where the customer or prospect relationship is at. This deeper understanding will not only increase the relevancy but will also drive marketing uplift from your real-time and right-time marketing efforts.

For example a visitor/revisitor looking online at a new mobile phone may require a very different experience and messaging depending on whether it is possible to join this data up with e.g. their contract renewal date, previous history of looking at early cancellation terms and conditions, their latest poor NPS score, whether their usage has recently increased or decreased significantly etc. This need for enhanced understanding also applies to many other industries and customer expectations are that brands have a joined up picture too!

Connecting the channel data, intelligence and customer contacts is a challenge that we at Anaylin are increasingly being asked to meet for our clients. Whatever your aspirations are in the area of ‘right-time relevant’ marketing, Anaylin can support the data integration and management, the customer journey planning and advise on the technology landscape in striving to meet right time (with relevancy) customer relationship marketing