When are two heads better than one?…

Less than 40% of CMOs wish to increase their financial acumen and digital know-how.

As data digital marketing specialists here at Anaylin, we were initially rather surprised to read this particular result in Gartner’s 2021 Report “5 Strategic Priorities for CMOs”. 

Why did the Chief Marketing Officers taking part say they were not looking to sharpen their skills in such business-critical areas as financial acumen and digital know-how?

After giving it some thought, we’ve come up with two possible explanations as to why this may not be as surprising as it at first seemed.

The first: based on a predictable reaction when asked if we need to get better at what we do every day. We naturally believe we have already developed the skills we need to a high degree, and don’t feel comfortable about admitting there’s room for improvement, even in an anonymous survey!

The second: explanation concerns our own role here at Anaylin, as a knowledge-based, integrated ‘Digital and Data Boutique’, providing outsourced marketing data management services to CMOs and their departments. We like to think that the CMOs who don’t feel they need to increase their ‘digital know-how’ would include our Anaylin clients. They rely upon us to stay up-to-date with current trends and developments in our field on their behalf, bringing our cutting-edge industry knowledge of marketing insights and analytics to the table to share with them and their teams.

The survey recommends that CMOs conduct honest self-assessments of their own personal skill set and strengthen any areas of weakness in support of digital business initiatives.

Our clients choose to achieve better results by partnering with Anaylin, because they know that two heads are better than one!

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